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Help with a ladybird cake

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busymummy10 Tue 07-Jan-14 20:33:46

I need some advice and tips, grateful for any advice as I am a very amateur baker. I am making a ladybird cake for my daughters birthday. I plan to make a chocolate cake, filling with the ready made chocolate fudge filling from Betty Crocker to save some time, and cover it with fondant icing. I have seen some you tube demos on how to do this and have a hemisphere baking tin so think I am okay with this.

I was wandering what to use to stick the fondant to the cake . Do you think it would be okay to use a bit of the BCrocker leftover fudge filling?

Also, I was planning to bake a square cake and cover it with green buttercream icing and try to make it look like grass...any tips? I was then going to place the ladybird cake on top of the square cake. This is what I am worried about. Will the cake be structurally safe? I am worried about the ladybird cake sliding off when I present it at the party. Grateful for any tips.

I was then going to decorate the cake with mini sugar ladybirds and flowers, sort of like a garden effect. The party is on a Sunday and was thinking of baking the cakes on Friday night and decorating it on Saturday, will the cake keep and taste fresh? Any tips on storing the cake until Sunday?

Sorry for so many questions, I am a bit nervous about the whole thing.

CurlsLDN Tue 07-Jan-14 20:41:23

Yep covered in fondant icing your cake will be absolutely fine in terms of freshness - a wedding cake takes a week to do! (I know as I did mine this summer)

Have a look on eBay for cake dowels, they are plastic sticks you can poke into the green cake and then put the round cake on top, they will stop it sliding (same used in tiered wedding cakes) just remember to check the slices and remove them before giving to kids!

CurlsLDN Tue 07-Jan-14 20:43:17

Ps if the dowels are too long you can cut into them partway with a kitchen knife, then snap them easily. They need to stick a few cms into both top and bottom cake

Electryone Tue 07-Jan-14 23:44:47

This is a picture of a Princess cake I made, I used a grass nozzle like this to make the grass, thought it looked realistic.

Ive never used the Betty Crocker icing as I usually make buttercream to cover my cakes before using fondant but if its like buttercream Im sure it would be fine!

busymummy10 Thu 16-Jan-14 19:10:47

Thanks for all those tips, has given me some really good ideas. I did not manage to get the nozzle for the grass icing, but I may try to get the effect with a fork instead.

I have the dowels and have done some research so I think I know how to use them now.

I am a bit pushed with time. I am making the ladybird sponge cake at home. But am now planning to use a Betty Crocker cake mix for the base cake using 2 packets and 2 23 inch cake tins and then sandwich them together with buttercream. My DD wants chocolate so will have to use that one but I think it is very moist. Will it still hold the ladybird cake with the dowels. (I am icing the ladybird cake with fondant and the bottom cake with buttercream)

Any help or advice will be really appreciated.

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