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simple white cake

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swtmom Thu 19-Dec-13 14:23:01

Hi everyone, I want to make a white cake but I need a recipe of about 3 cups of flour. Please someone help with a delisious recipe, please

adagio Fri 27-Dec-13 09:34:15

What is it for? If you need a firm cake for structure then icing which will keep OK then Madeira, I just did an iglu for a birthday from Mrs Beeton's madeira recipe but used orange zest, this was nicer than the dairy diary all butter song recipe (did a practice run a few weeks ago)

If you want the simplest cake mix then same-of-everything-half-as-many-eggs all in one is OK (imperial measures i.e. 4oz to 2eggs etc).

What flavour do you like? White cake can be citrus zest, vanilla, almond, all sorts really!

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