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A nice easy gluten free dessert for Christmas Eve?

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Breadandwine Mon 23-Dec-13 01:43:07

I make a socca pancake - which calls for gram flour and water, completely gluten-free - heat up a dessertspoon of home-made marmalade, which I pour over the socca, roll it up and add soya cream and a dessertspoon of Benedictine.

Here's the basic socca recipe - I thought I'd posted the dessert version as well, but I can't find it, ATM.

cantthinkofagoodone Thu 19-Dec-13 14:08:24

Orange and almond cake
Ice cream

MrPoppy Thu 19-Dec-13 14:04:40

Nigella's clementine cake with some creme fraiche?

hopskipandthump Thu 19-Dec-13 13:59:34

My children are coeliac so all Christmas, and every other day is gf. On Christmas Eve we're having Marks & Spencer's gluten-free iced Christmas cake, plus homemade chocolate brownies and Beechdean icecream.

Boxing day we're having meringues (cheating and buying ready-made from Waitrose) with ice cream and raspberries. (as well as leftover Xmas pud obviously)

DoingItForMyself Thu 19-Dec-13 13:51:21

I'm doing trifle (no sponge), pavlovas and a GF apple crumble, I also looked at the Tom K recipe mentioned by CMOT which looked delicious and if I could be arsed I would make that too, but I can't so DP will have to make do without

DeathByLaundry Thu 19-Dec-13 13:26:28

Cranachan with gluten free oats and skip the whisky for you and toddler. Mmmmmm.

trinity0097 Thu 19-Dec-13 13:23:46

Trifle always works well and is very traditional for Xmas, the leftovers will soon get eaten! Just buy gluten free cake rather than sponge fingers.

HombreLobo Wed 18-Dec-13 21:04:26

A lot of chocolate roulade recipes are gluten free as they don't contain any flour. Can be made in advance and frozen as well

OrangeMochaFrappucino Tue 17-Dec-13 16:36:39

Great ideas! Thanks everyone. We would all love creme caramel but MIL doesn't like caramel. So probably trifle or Eton Mess I think!

NorthernLebkuchen Tue 17-Dec-13 16:34:56

You can easily make the day before, in fact better to do so as gives time to chill.

NorthernLebkuchen Tue 17-Dec-13 16:34:25

I will be making a creme caramel for taking to my parents on Christmas Day. I use Delia's recipe from the cookery course books. It's just milk, eggs and sugar and is easy but yummy. It's baked in an oven for an hour so should surely be ok for pregant women?

bex2011 Tue 17-Dec-13 16:31:43

I'll second the trifle smile smile

toastedteacake Tue 17-Dec-13 16:27:17

I am gluten free and am making a traditional trifle.

GF sponge cake although normally dry is great when soaked in alcohol or raspberry juice. It's also a treat to have exactly the same as everybody else and not being highlighted as odd/ different.

If you don't want the hassle of baking the GF Madeira cake from Asda works well.

Runningoverthefields Tue 17-Dec-13 16:00:53

I'm coeliac - my favourite would be Eton Mess. Dead easy. Just double check all the ingredients. (Including if you serve ice cream/sorbet - it should be fine, but if she's coeliac it's worth reading all labels looking for the allergen information - you wouldn't want to ruin her Christmas! I had a horrible reaction after eating Waitrose mango sorbet which on the website says is gluten free, but in the ingredients it includes wheat glucose and wheat dextrose… I should have checked more carefully.)

For after dinner drink - peppermint tea, or spiced berry cordial or mulled wine?

CMOTDibbler Tue 17-Dec-13 15:52:47

I saw Tom Kerridge making this on his tv prog last night and it looked lovely. I couldn't be doing with making the plum sauce and icecream, but M&S do a fabulous winter compote and you could serve vanilla icecream with it.

OrangeMochaFrappucino Tue 17-Dec-13 15:47:51

MIL coming over for Christmas Eve night and she is gluten-free. Think I am making bouef bourginon (sp??) for main course with some green veg as can put it in the slow cooker all day and be free to do fun things with my toddler! Am just stuck on dessert - I'm pregnant so avoiding things with raw eggs/lots of booze. So I'd like something that can be made in advance, no gluten and friendly to pregnant people and toddlers. Any ideas?

Also - not strictly a cake or bake but am wondering about an alternative after dinner drink to coffee? DH's family always drink expressos after dinner but this pregnancy the smell of coffee makes me puke and I can't bear to have it in the house - really don't want to be ill on Christmas Eve! So I am wondering if I can come up with an alternative to offer them..?

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