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Exhausted by Cakezilla!

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stephenisjustcoming Tue 17-Dec-13 01:05:48

Surely that's a typo? I know some US recipes do mix butter, flour and sugar together first, before adding wet ingredients, but flour/butter are never going to go 'creamy'. The point of creaming fat/sugar is to create an aereated structure before adding the gluten, no? And the bananas are going to weigh it all down, however much you beat.

Am sure it'll taste delicious, whatever order you put it together!

TheBunsOfPanettone Mon 16-Dec-13 22:05:14

AKA Banana Cake from the Primrose Bakery Book.

Getting this cake into the oven has wiped me out.

I am not a new baker but neither am I particularly confident so I followed the book closely - until I really got fed up because the stickiness of the dough kept dragging the beaters out of my hand mixer and I had little gouts of the stuff splattered all over the kitchen. It said to beat the flour and butter first of all (until pale and creamy hmm) before adding other ingredients such as sour cream, then sugar, then eggs and finally mashed bananas.

Well it was such an exhausting faff that I put most of the mashed bananas in before the sugar and eggs, then heaved the whole slightly curdled looking mass into the tin and whacked it in the oven before putting my feet up for a while and then cleaning my dough splattered kitchen.

Does anyone know why the recipe would specify mixing butter and flour first? Is it to do with adding sour cream etc. a bit later on? Or is it just down to lousy proof-reading fgrin. If I decide to bake it again will it significantly affect the result if I beat the sugar and butter first, then add eggs which I'd do for most cakes?

Interested to hear opinions on this, so thanks in advance!

PS it's just come out of the oven and looks very impressive, apart from being a little burnt at the edges..... didn't get the foil "hat" on it quickly enough. But can slice burnt bit off and cover up with the rather yummy looking chocolate icing.

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