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Cookies/ cakes in a jar

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StackOfFuckers Thu 14-Nov-13 11:04:18

Want to give some cakes/ cookies in a jar for Christmas gifts - you put the dry ingredients in a jar (layered nicely so looks pretty) and give with instructions for the method eg add x grams of butter and 2 eggs etc on a tag with the gift.

Does anyone have any good recipes for these?

Ideally something that wouldn't require a lot of extra things for the recipient to add themselves.

I am thinking something that requires interesting looking things eg smarties/ choc chips/ marshmallows

Over to you... smile

OldBeanbagz Thu 14-Nov-13 13:43:21

I made these Christmas Muffins a few years ago and they went down well with the teacher i gave them to.

Or how about these lovely Cowgirl cookies. Have tried these yet but they look YUM!

StackOfFuckers Thu 14-Nov-13 21:07:07

They look great, ESP the cowgirl ones.

For recipes containing nuts unless they're ground almonds which I don't mind I'd want to leave them out. Do you have to replace the weight with something else? Flour?

nextphase Thu 14-Nov-13 21:17:28

I'd replace them with something else that will add texture to the mix, not flour (disclaimer - I've never do baking in a jar things).
Maybe in the first ones, raisins? Or something contrasting with the fruit medley, but equally christmassy.
I might just miss them out of the cowgirl ones, and add in a little more M&M's and choc chips.
Don't replace with flour - you can replace ground nuts with flour, but they provide a different function in that case.

StackOfFuckers Thu 14-Nov-13 21:23:27

Lovely thank you

Oh no I may need to try out various cookie mix recipes over the next few weeks blush

RevengeWiggle Fri 15-Nov-13 09:02:10

What about rocky road? Chocolate, marshmallows, crushed biscuits, maltesers, etc. They'd only need to add golden syrup and butter. One second and I'll find a recipe.

RevengeWiggle Fri 15-Nov-13 09:04:47

300g chocolate, 125g butter, 2tbsp golden syrup.

And then whatever ingredients the recipient likes.

Trills Fri 15-Nov-13 09:08:24

Are you sure that the recipient would like this?

There was a thread about homemade gifts the other day and these were not on the list of "homemade things that most people would like".

If people like baking then they probably like choosing their own ingredients and deciding what to make. If people don't like baking then they don't want to bake cookies. This only works if the person you are giving it to falls into the narrow middle ground where they kind of like the idea of baking but are happy to just follow instructions.

SoupDragon Fri 15-Nov-13 09:10:06

I agree with Trills - only do these for people you know will enjoy making them.

RevengeWiggle Fri 15-Nov-13 09:16:50

I'd have liked this sort of gift when I was a kid, some people will like it.

tb Tue 19-Nov-13 16:02:17

You can replace ground almonds with ground rice - in fact they can be used as a cheap substitute for ground almonds with a few drops of almond essence.

Also, the oil in ground almonds can go a bit rancid if they're left out of the fridge after opening.

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