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Charity bake off - what to bake?

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Tailtwister Wed 13-Nov-13 11:02:12

I'm entering a charity Bake Off at work and can't decide what to bake. There aren't any categories, so it could be anything which is baked. There is only 1 round (of 4) where 2 winners are chosen before going forward to a final with 8 entries.

The judging will be done first thing in the morning and the winner will be the one which raises most money (people have to pay to taste them).

Any ideas? I was initially thinking raspberry and blueberry danish pastries, but now wonder if that would be showy enough.

elsielegallez Wed 13-Nov-13 22:29:27

Lemon layer cake -everyone loves lemon cake and this one is delicious and looks beautiful.

Or a Kitkat chocolate cake - looks impressive, tastes delicious and not that difficult!

Or raspberry and blueberry lime drizzle cake - simple but lovely!

Tailtwister Thu 14-Nov-13 09:17:39

Wow, these all look gorgeous!

I'm going to make the Danish pastries anyway as I've already done the dough, but I'm thinking the KitKat cake might be a winner. It's difficult as they are going to be cut up before anyone gets to see them, so the overall look will be lost. That's why I was thinking of something individual which they won't need to hack to pieces.

Decisions, decisions...

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Fri 15-Nov-13 05:30:12

I'd definitely do something that comes as individual portions. A cake wouldn't be nearly as inviting after you've started to cut into it.

Turnipsandpumpkins Fri 15-Nov-13 05:37:43

lemon drizzle Cake wink
What about mini eclairs or profiteroles?

Turnipsandpumpkins Fri 15-Nov-13 05:42:41

Rocky road cupcakes. Easy to make, but sold like hot cakes at a sale we did recently because they look great.

whatsonyourplate Mon 25-Nov-13 15:02:40

Do you have a recipe for Rocky road cupcakes turnips ?

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