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dr oetker easy swirl icing.....

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olivia41 Sun 10-Nov-13 09:45:24

Hi, have never used this before, so wondering if it's easy to use, tastes nice, etc....? Also, am planning on icing cupcakes with it and then putting wafer flowers on, etc. - how long can you store cakes that are already iced with this product and should they go in an airtight container |(if so, for how long?|) or the fridge? Any advice appreciated! smile

MikeLitoris Sun 10-Nov-13 14:17:28

I would really make your own idf at all possible.

That stuff is not nice at all. The nozzle is tiny so you cant get a nice swirl on the cake too.

If you have a hand mixer (a stand mixer is even better) 1 pack of butter to one small box of icing sugar. Beat on high for as long as possible. It will go light and fluffy.

Flavour with a tiny bit of vanilla extract.

olivia41 Sun 10-Nov-13 16:48:28

Thanks, that sounds nice and easy and I have all 3 things!! Maybe I will try that.... thanks again smile

MikeLitoris Sun 10-Nov-13 17:14:51

Honestly it is so easy.

Just keep beating until you cant feel the sugar anymore.

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