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Baking competition - What flavour cake and icing?

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OhhhhhWOW!!! That looks amazing - and I bet it tasted delicious too!

stealthsquiggle Wed 30-Oct-13 22:36:07

Sounds like a good call on the flavours, especially for an adult audience. It looks amazing, too.

TickledOnion Wed 30-Oct-13 22:32:47

Here you go SDTG.

Ooooh - do you need a quality tester? I am available for any and all cake testing missions!!

TickledOnion Wed 30-Oct-13 12:39:26

Thanks. I ended up doing a chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream filling and covered in chocolate buttercream. Not very original but still tasty. The competition is tomorrow...

I do a lemon sponge cake (with lemon juice and a bit of zest) and top it with buttercream flavoured with rosewater - I call it Turkish Delight cupcakes.

My all-time favourite is either chocolate with coffee icing, or coffee with coffee icing.

Chocolate Fudge cake recipe

I'd try this Lindy's chocolate fudge cake recipe. Tastes delicious and is quite firm so should be ok to carve. It tastes better after a few days and was still lovely a week later so would give you plenty of time to ice without going stale.

TickledOnion Sat 26-Oct-13 22:06:11

I'm entering a work baking competition. I've got the appearance and decoration all worked out but need a fantastic flavour. What flavour would you vote for in a competition? Does anyone have any amazing recipes?
It needs to be carvable and covered in chocolate buttercream or something similarly coloured as it needs to look like a wooden box. I'll smooth it and then add some lines with a knife. I know fondant would look better, but it tastes horrible.
Any ideas please?

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