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Has anyone made a Tardis cake?

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Mckayz Wed 23-Oct-13 17:23:19

My brother is 25 in December and has asked me to make him a Tardis cake.

I am thinking of making a flat one instead of a tall one. I was looking on Pinterest and they are all fantastic tall ones with real working lights on the top!!

DS2 is 5 2 days before my brother's birthday so I need it to be fairly simple if possible.

Also any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cakes for DS2 would be great.

Thank you

Grockle Thu 24-Oct-13 01:07:50

I made this one for DS last month. It didn't look quite as professional as this but DS loved it. Not hard to do... Just a square cake, cut into 4 quarters then stacked, covered in butter icing then fondant. Would have loved a flashing light on the top!

prettybird Thu 24-Oct-13 01:17:05

I made for ds a few years ago - there's a picture on my profile. It looked nowhere near as professional as the one grockle linked to though blush and also ended up being a bit like the leaning tour of Pisa blush

It was worth ordering up some proper blue paste (as opposed to liquid colouring) in order to get a good Tardis blue. I used a Jelly Tot for the light on top.

Mckayz Thu 24-Oct-13 03:30:53

Last time I made a tower cake it was a bit dodgy looking. I'm not sure if I want to risk it again. I've added a picture of it. grin maybe I'll do a practice run.

MikeLitorisBites Thu 24-Oct-13 15:56:09

Yes I made a stand up one. Was actually easier than I anticipated.

Baked a big rectangle choc cake. Left to cool and cut into 5inch squares. Sandwich 4 on top of each other with choc butter cream. After the forth I put a dowel in the middle and a thin card on top. Stack another 4 layers.

Cover it all in vanilla butter cream and set aside.

For the outside I got some modelling paste and mixed 50-50 with normal fondant. Coloured it tardis blue. Rolled it out quite thick and cut out panels the same width and height as the cake. I left them to dry for two days, then used butter cream to stick them in the cake.

For the windows I found a template on line.

MikeLitorisBites Thu 24-Oct-13 16:01:59

this was mine. not bad for a first attempt I think.

Mckayz Thu 24-Oct-13 17:42:28

That's brilliant!!

AlpacaPicnic Fri 25-Oct-13 20:23:33

Omg, mike, that is amazing!

Grockle Fri 25-Oct-13 20:35:17

Here is mine, part-made. Looked better when tidied up & the board was decorated!

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