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Urgent WI Cake Stall Question

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IcedTeaOneSugar Fri 11-Oct-13 19:27:28

I've recently joined and this is my first cake stall experience.

I've baked two Chocolate Orange Drizzle Cakes.

I have two questions;

Firstly, we were told to price our cakes, so how much would you charge for a Chocolate Orange Drizzle Cake baked in a large loaf tin?

Secondly, how do I present them? They've been baked in loaf tin liners, do I just cover them with cling film and stick a label on them?

I need to take them to a coffee morning first thing tomorrow so no chance of buying anything unless it's essential, we could pop out but it is nearly dd's bedtime so I'd rather not if possible.

Any advice would be appreciated.

WestmorlandSausage Fri 11-Oct-13 19:33:11

cost of ingredients x 3 is a good rule of thumb.

Clingfilm and label fine - you can get loaf tin liners from most supermarkets but i've found lakelands are the best

IcedTeaOneSugar Fri 11-Oct-13 20:15:13

I've used loaf tin liners, I think mine we're from a local cake decorating shop, worth every penny and look much nicer smile

No idea how much the ingredients were, I'll have to do a guesstimate.

IcedTeaOneSugar Fri 11-Oct-13 20:22:53

A quick look on Sainsbury's website suggests they cost me about £1.98 each to make.

WestmorlandSausage Fri 11-Oct-13 21:03:32

I would say £4 - £5 a cake (because you probably didn't use all of the ingredients you bought??) Lemon/Orange Drizzle are expensive because of the citrus fruit used.

I make This Chocolate Cake which costs about £10 to make but I usually sell it off at about £1 - £1.50 a slice for 10 - 12 slices (always for charity not for personal gain - i donate my ingredients).

IcedTeaOneSugar Sat 12-Oct-13 08:00:55

I think I'll go for £4, sounds reasonable as they are quite big.

It's all for WI funds.

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