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I think I need a new ring mould

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MrsHoratioNelson Thu 03-Oct-13 21:25:19

God, this is thrilling, isn't it?!

I have a springform pan and a ring mould insert but I think the ring mould belongs to a different pan - it's doesn't fit inside and I have to use the plain base, so the mix leaks out and I can never get the cake out without losing part of the top of the cake. I think the original ring insert was an ikea one with a rope effect on the top.

Any recommendations for a new one? I've seen some silicon ones but I hear a lot of very mixed reviews about silicon - for the sort of fairly sturdy cake I'd want to cook in a ring mould I'd be concerned that it would just collapse everywhere.

I've got a TK Maxx near me if that's the best bet. I'd rather not spend a fortune for the sake of three cakes a year.

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