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Fudge for a beginner please?

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WildThongsHeartString Mon 30-Sep-13 14:12:28

I want to make creamy vanilla fudge but the last time I tried it was more like tablet (delicious but not what I wanted)
Any failsafe recipes and tips for smooth creamy fudge please?

tb Thu 03-Oct-13 20:27:39

Seem to remember I've posted a reply about this in the last week. You need to put the base of the pan in cold water after it's cooked, and then let it cool before you start beating it.

Cooling means smaller sugar crystals, which means that it feels softer and creamier in the mouth.

TheFutureMrsB Thu 03-Oct-13 21:05:16

I came across this one and it looks quite nice, I do plan on making it soon!

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