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How do you get the stick to stay inside a cake pop?

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Fakebook Mon 30-Sep-13 20:35:43

Oh I never put them in the fridge/freezer last time I'll do that. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for your brilliant idea too Tee, I'll make sure to put that crazy glue batch in the post for you wink.

GiraffeAHolic Mon 30-Sep-13 13:23:49

Chuck the pops in the freezer for a while before you put the sticks in and a tiny dab of whatever coating you are using on the end of the stick.

Tiredandhot Mon 30-Sep-13 13:22:15

Also make sure they are really cold and firm before coating them, at least 4 hours in the fridge (covered) or overnight. I don't make mine bigger than abut 2.5 - 3 cms?

Tee2072 Mon 30-Sep-13 13:18:12

Crazy glue?

Not helpful?


I've never made cake pops. Really not helpful.

Fakebook Mon 30-Sep-13 13:14:12

Sorry, thanks for the tips!

Fakebook Mon 30-Sep-13 13:13:51

Yes I forgot about the candy coating, that's what I used, not icing sugar. It still didn't hold. I found the candy coating just got pushed down and didn't stay in the hole.

I'll try making them smaller. What diameter would you recommend?

Tiredandhot Mon 30-Sep-13 13:09:41

Dip the end of the stick that is going in the cake ball, before you stick it in the cake ball. Sorry not very clear. Your method of cake + frosting is fine, make sure not too wet with frosting, just enough to bind together

Tiredandhot Mon 30-Sep-13 13:06:58

Dip them in the melted candy coating before you stick them in, wait a few seconds before coating the rest, don't make them too big either. Assuming you were using the coating of course.

Fakebook Mon 30-Sep-13 13:04:17

I don't have a cake pop maker but made them a few months ago by baking a fudge cake and then breaking it up and rolling it into balls with frosted icing. The cakes tasted fine but I couldn't get the sticks to stay inside properly.

I tried dipping them in icing sugar and they still didn't stay in properly.

I bought a massive pack of 40 plastic sticks that were advertised as cake pop sticks. Is this where I'm going wrong? Or is my whole method of making cake pops wrong?

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