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Decorating cake pops?

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Bumpotato Mon 30-Sep-13 09:59:31

My DD who is 9 got a cake pop maker for her birthday. She's already made a batch of rather nice cake pops. The recipe book within says she'll need candy melts to decorate them. Is there an alternative? No where local seems to stock candy melts (2 min search of Lakeland and asda websites).

Thanks in advance for and top tips!

OldBeanbagz Mon 30-Sep-13 13:20:05

Do you have a Hobbycraft near you? I think they sell Candy Melts.

I've never used them myself, i just generally use melted chocolate to which i've added a drop of oil.

I normally freeze my cake pops with the sticks in for a couple of hours before dipping them as it makes them less likely to fall off the sticks.

Bumpotato Mon 30-Sep-13 13:56:54

Thanks for your reply Beanbagz. I just remembered Hobbycraft before lunchtime and there is one near my work, so I bought 3 bags. I also have cheapo chocolate to I'll let DD decide what she wants to cover them with. Thanks for the tip about putting them in the freezer first.

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