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Birthday Cake Help Please

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Huffpot Wed 28-Aug-13 13:08:58

Am planning on making a cake for my DC's birthday on Saturday and have a 13x22.9x5.08cm oblong tin
Can anyone help me with w
quantity/type of cake to use?
This is the cake [[,r:9,s:0,i:109 Tractor]]


Huffpot Wed 28-Aug-13 13:09:25


Huffpot Wed 28-Aug-13 13:10:01

Sorry for link fail!

LadyDamerel Wed 28-Aug-13 13:54:59


Don't leave a gap between the first [[ and the address!

Do you want chocolate cake or ordinary victoria sponge cake? I have recipes for both if you'd like them.

Pretty much any recipe that's calls for a 7" or 8" will be fine in your tin, although you may have to bake it in two layers as your tin is quite shallow.

Huffpot Wed 28-Aug-13 15:47:42

Thanks Lady smile

I was thinking chocolate but am debating just a normal sponge and doing it rainbow colours for a nice effect when its cut.
I was thinking I would need two layers as its not deep

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