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2 tier birthday cake for dummies

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NonsenseTalker Sun 04-Aug-13 11:14:38

Thank you so much. I have 26cm and 20cm tins that are deep. But my deep cakes don't rise well so I have a bottom layer and a doughnut on top!! blush so I was actually going to make smaller layers. Will that work with the deep tins?
And do I really have to have 3 layers? Tis only for my DS 4th birthday party........

Also, would like to make DD a number 1 chocolate cake. Could I adapt the above recipe and cover it in rolled icing?

bacon Tue 30-Jul-13 13:31:32

If you are going to make a deep 3 - 3.5" cake then you need a deep tin. Or you have to mess with 3 sandwich tins. A celebration cake should have three layers.

If you were basing tins on 20cm, 15cm & 10cm will give you good proportions.

Use this Its based on a 20cm cake. will give you a deep proper rich chocolate that freezes well. makes two tiers so you'll have to add another by halving the recipe. is also a great recipe.

Hope these help!

NonsenseTalker Thu 25-Jul-13 21:45:12

Does anyone have a really idiot proof recipe and tin sizes?

I am thinking that I would like it quite big, so perhaps 3 layers per cake, but as my cakes don't rise well, maybe I should use sandwich tins and bake individual layers rather than a huge cake that I slice.

Any help would be appreciated

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