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A very boring thread about alternatives to Dr Oeteker's food colouring

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superfluouscurves Mon 03-Jun-13 15:50:48

Hi, have just completed a baking marathon for the school fete using Dr O's colours but found them very muddy and disappointing.

The red colouring for example seemed to turn the icing sugar a sort of puke flesh brown orange colour - absolutely revolting!

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions please? Looking for pure, pastel colours: delicate pinks, yellows etc ...Dr O seems to have cornered the market in this part of the world.

SoupDragon Mon 03-Jun-13 15:54:24

You might get better alternatives from a specialist cake decorating place.

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 03-Jun-13 15:59:38

You need these All else are shite and wishy washy.

BumpAndGrind Mon 03-Jun-13 16:01:14

I use SugarFlair.

Can get it online or in most cake decorating shops.

It's really thick, you only need a toothpicks worth at a time so lasts ages.

BumpAndGrind Mon 03-Jun-13 16:02:28

Wilton are ok, lovely colours, but I find them a little runny.

superfluouscurves Mon 03-Jun-13 16:17:07

Great suggestions! Thank you everyone. Mnset is brilliant for this sort of thing!

I'm only after bog standard food colouring - to add to icing sugar - for dd's forthcoming b'day. Haven't graduated to icing paste yet but interested to see what the specialist shops have on offer.

I think it is Wiltons I am after! If not will Google SugarFlair.

Thanks again.

[Suspect Dr O's are "natural" and therefore a lot better for your insides, but I'm after high additive content!! grin ]

Sarah1611 Mon 03-Jun-13 20:06:18

Yes to Sugarflair! Go on Ebay- job done! For red, black or green it's worth getting the 'Extra' of each, especially if you want a lot of coloured icing or a very deep shade.

sharond101 Mon 03-Jun-13 22:23:02

Asda have little pots of colouring which work much better than Dr Oetker.

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 14:35:57

Don't really need deep shades for this particular project, just pale but pure ifyswim. But good to know for future!

I'm abroad so have to order on-line but will take a look in Asda when I am in UK this summer

Thanks again everyone!

daisydoodoo Tue 04-Jun-13 14:38:08

I used sugar flair too. I used them for the rainbow layered cake everyone was doing, and now use them for icing etc. as well. as a pp said the tiniest amount is needed, so the jars last or ages.

inneedofrain Tue 04-Jun-13 14:42:06

Sugar flair sugar flair sugar flair!!!!!

They are heat stable so you can use them in your cakes too.

You don´t need a tonne of shades unless you want a very spefic one, as you can mix then and add more / less.

the only test I have for food colouring is how red is the red!

buswanker Tue 04-Jun-13 14:44:06

I was going to post the exact same question!
If I was to buy one of the pots how much would I use for a average size cake 4 eggs, 300g each of sugar, butter and flour?
Sorry to hijack.

wheredidiputit Tue 04-Jun-13 14:49:05

With the gel colour you need very little to get a good colour. I used the Wilton ones and only used the end of a teaspoon.

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 14:49:43

[hi-jack away]

I'm taking notes myself!

inneedofrain Tue 04-Jun-13 14:59:13

Depending on the density of colouring you want, anything from 2 drops to 5 drops

I get a year or so out of a pot and I do a lot of baking

buswanker Tue 04-Jun-13 15:12:22

Thanks super.

If I didn't ask I would have used a whole pot. I am making my children's birthday cakes this weekend for their party. Imagine the colour of the cake and how hyperactive the party children would have been!

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 16:07:39


I always end up with bright red hands too!

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