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I need to bake two birthday cakes next week - ideas please?

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MrsMcGregor Wed 15-May-13 21:40:47

DTs birthday next week. Both girls. I'm going to do a jewellery box cake for one - Debbie Brown recipe, looks quite straightforward. However, I'm utterly stumped for the second cake. It will need to be similar - not the same design but similar size and amount of time/effort IYSWIM. Can't really see anything in Debbie Brown's book - maybe a ladybird but I'm not that fussed.

Can anyone suggest websites where I might look - or simply cake suggestions please.


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Wed 15-May-13 23:31:24

An Owl Cake is nice...loads here.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Wed 15-May-13 23:32:23

Or this Lovely handbag cake

MrsMcGregor Thu 16-May-13 11:54:56

Thank you Neo - I would never have thought of looking on Pinterest! It led me to Minnie Mouse - perfect! Now need to start a new thread about supplies!

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