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tylose powder?

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Am I correct in thinking its used to make fondant more pliable/workable and less likely to crack as it dries?

If so, how much would be needed for say 1kg of fondant?

Any other info about it would be really helpful!

Imnotaslimjim Fri 10-May-13 19:12:44

Yes, its a gum powder that you add to fondant, to make it easier to model and makes it set hard when it dries. You use 1tsp per 250g, so 4 tsp for 1 kilo. Couldn't imagine mixing 1kg at a time though, it would be very difficult to knead. Once kneaded, leave it 20-30 mins before modelling with it. If you find it too stiff, mix equal quantities with plain fondant to soften it up

You can also make your own edible glue with it 1 part tylose to 30 parts water, mix in a bottle and leave overnight. It will start off lumpy but will settle.

Thank you. Brilliant advice.

Great tip about the edible glue, I think mine is past the sell by date. I will order some tonight.

Only really said 1kg as a guide thats easy to scale up or down, my muscles couldnt take kneading that much grin

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