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1st birthday cake

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sharond101 Sun 05-May-13 22:00:21

I am having a birthday party for my DS in a couple of weeks. I will be quite busy in the lead up but would like to make his cake. I am a cake baking novice and need a foolproof recipe and ideas to decorate. I thought of doing a train cake as we recently moved house next to a railway, but don't want it to get to complicated.

jkklpu Sun 05-May-13 22:02:25

This is a special day for you; your DS will be oblivious. So, do yourself a favour, bake a standard victoria sponge and don't stress about lots of decorations. Have a nice time with your family and take lots of photos.

PoohBearsHole Sun 05-May-13 22:08:19

always go delia

Easy as pie and you can posh it up with strawbs and clotted cream or do as it says in the recipe. Tip, cut a number 1 out of grease proof paper and stick it in cake, sprinkle icing sugar over through a sieve. Voila.
Good luck

PoohBearsHole Sun 05-May-13 22:10:43

Btw am nt a cake novice and the train cake ain't as easy as you think! Go nice cake and if you want decorate around the cake with brio/Thomas toy much nice as ds can keep it smile

LittleBells Sun 05-May-13 22:18:04

Recently on a blog I saw that someone had made an amazing train cake by using ready-roll icing on ready-made lemon cake (the rectangular shape sort) and they were "linked" together with chocolate fingers pushed in. Then she had rolled out more icing and cut out the letters of the name to stick on the side. Also she used jammy dogers for wheels smile looked great!! U-handblog, the blog is called - the cake post with photos was in March, have a look! That would cut out the nerve-wracking baking element but you get all the fun of decorating and personalising!

If you do want to bake your own, I think Delia Smith's cake receipes are the best. I would do a basic Victoria sponge with jam and buttercream filling. You can get ready-roll icing to cover. Have a look on Ebay for cake decorations. You don't have to make your cake in the shape of something but you can buy plenty of themed cake decorations.

If you type Train cake decorations in Ebay you'll see edible sugar decorations that you can use to decorate the top of the cake.

pud1 Sun 05-May-13 22:21:38

How about a hedgehog cake. Very easy. This is the first birthday can I made for dds first birthday. It got me into baking. Will try and find a link to recepie

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