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I have just made giant cowpats.

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HopeForTheBest Mon 29-Apr-13 16:33:06

grin grin

And they're for a cake sale too!

Supposed to be double chocolate chip, obviously, but for some reason they have gone giant but really thin.
It's my usual recipe (this one but the last couple of times I've made them I've had the same problem.

Any ideas how to stop them flattening out like they're trying to blend into the baking tray? grin

TotallyEggFlipped Mon 29-Apr-13 17:41:43

No ideas I'm afraid, but cowpats could sell really well to kids.

Tee2072 Mon 29-Apr-13 17:43:49

Use slightly less butter and don't soften it too much. And maybe a smaller egg.

There isn't much liquid in them so I can't imagine why they spread. Maybe, if you have room, refrigerate for a bit after you've scooped them out.

HopeForTheBest Mon 29-Apr-13 20:18:46

The dough was stiff and sticky, like it usually is, and because my oven tray is not v. big, I had to do them in two lots, refrigerating the dough while it was waiting for the first lot to finish baking - but they came out exactly the same - giant cowpats, soft in the middle but squidgy in the middle!

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