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I bought a Cookie Press - I bought a Cookie Press !!!!

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lookoveryourshouldernow Sun 07-Apr-13 22:56:16

.... and very disappointed ...

My cookie dough was OK - firm - but added more milk to make it more pliable - but I could not get it to "stick" to cooking tray.

I used greaseproof paper - I removed greaseproof paper - I tried on a plain non-stick tray - I tried on a normal metal tray - the only time I could get them to "print out" correctly was on the worksurface - not great as they could not be cooked from there and moving them was impossible ....

Anyone any tips on how to use a Cookie/Biscuit Press ???

Unfortunately - I think that my press is now broken and I can't unscrew the top section - I have washed it but I have visions of using it again and all the bacteria leaching into a new batch of cookies ....

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