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When do you get the time to do the cake decorating?

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FireOverBabylon Sun 31-Mar-13 16:17:44

i work FT. On Friday, I managed to cook a simnel cake for DMiL. Today, I was trying to marizpan it. DS was stuck in front of a DVD, DH was in bed, as we had a long day yesterday, and he did a 90 mile drive last night, and I got out a fold up table to do the marziapn. I covered the cake, sized up the marzipan balls, then went into the kitchen to get my pastry brush.

DS is 3. He decided to "help" me with the marzipan balls in my absence. I know have 28 marzipan balls squashed into the top of my cake by a toddler. It's going to MiL's tomorrow, so I don't have time now to buy more marzipan, so she'll have to have fruit cake and lump it.

As I ran into the same sort of issues at Christmas, I thought I'd ask on here - if you work FT, when do you get enough "you time" to be able to do even quite basic baking / icing etc without young children helping you? DS gets up at 5.30am, and we get ready for bed just after 9pm, and it's nearly 8pm when I get downstairs from putting him into bed. I just don't see when I get the chance to do something productive, that doesn't end up looking like a drunken steamroller's gone over it.

Does it get easier as children get older? At the moment, DS wants to be with me when I'm at home, because he doesn't get a lot of time with me in the week, but some times I just want some time on my own wit hthe kitchen door shut to achieve something useful. sad

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Sun 31-Mar-13 18:08:31

I do it past 9.00 when the DC are go to bed very you're missing a couple of hours which I get nightly there.

TeaOneSugar Sun 31-Mar-13 18:47:13

It gets easier once they're old enough to entertain themselves.

However, as they get older they also need taking to swimming lessons, brownies/cubs etc which really eats into your evenings.

I find most baking happens at the weekends, unless it's something fairly quick and easy.

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