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leftover chcolate spread as icing?

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seriouslychocolatey Wed 27-Mar-13 13:02:06

i have 1/2 jar of very old Waitrose seriously chocolately chocolate spread in my fridge- no one liked it much (Nutella so much nicer IMHO). Its dark chocolate and there's around 150g left. I want to turn it into a filling or icing for a chocolate fudge cake this weekend. The spread is made of dark choc, glucose, sugar syrup , cream and cocoa. The only thing i can think of it to treat it like chocolate and make a ganache. The spread is solid in the fridge but can be warmed to become liquid- it made a nice sauce to go over vanilla icecream. Or I could warm it and then just beat in some whipped cream. Anyone got any good ideas?? Thanks in advance for suggestions.

MoonlightandRoses Wed 27-Mar-13 20:12:24

You could try the Chocolate Artery Hardener option on this thread (near the bottom)?

MikeChoccyCoatedLitoris Wed 27-Mar-13 20:18:43

When I make nutella buttercream I just lob it into the blender as its going.

But then I'm not known for measuring much when im baking grin

rockinhippy Wed 27-Mar-13 20:37:31

I've done this before for a birthday cake for DD - I was ill & struggling to do my usual big effort/standard of icing/decorating & it hit a point where I realised if I didn't improvise, on top of everything else I had to do for that afternoons party - she wasn't going to have a cake blush

So I dug it a jar of chocolate spread & a box of chocolate crisp things & covered the middle & the whole of the outside of cake with chocolate spread, stuck the crisps around the edge to form a sort of wall, crumbled up a load more chocolate crisps & sprinkled over the centre of the cake - finished off with edible gold sparkle dust & mini white & dark chocolate stars - it took me all of 10 minutes & it disappeared so quickly neither DH or I had any -

the verdict from DD & her friends - the best cake I had ever madeshock - so YES - it's will work smile

TeaOneSugar Thu 28-Mar-13 08:01:23

I keep a jar of cadburys spread in for quick cupcake toppings.

Chocolate cupcakes in the freezer and a jar of cadburys and your sorted, it spreads really well.

seriouslychocolatey Thu 28-Mar-13 08:53:54

thanks for the suggestions. I think i will go for the artery hardener as it's along the lines of what I was hoping i could do with it.
rockinhippy don't you love it when something so easy gets so appreciated?

MoonlightandRoses Thu 28-Mar-13 21:04:47

Enjoy, it's a good one!

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