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Chocolate & hazelnut brownies, does anyone have a tried & tested recipe

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brightwell Thu 21-Mar-13 06:27:34

Used to have these at a local cafe, I've googled for a recipe and they all vary with the amount of flour, eggs, chocolate. I'm after dense, choclatey, & gooey. Thanks in advance.

MisselthwaiteManor Thu 21-Mar-13 16:02:00

85g dark chocolate
85g plain flour
25g cocoa powder
1/4 tsp bicarb
150g light brown sugar
1/2tsp instant coffee dissolved in 1tbsp water
1tsp vanilla extract
2tbsp plain yoghurt
100g light mayo
1tbsp nutella
Extra chocolate & hazelnuts however much you like

Mix flour, cocoa and bicarb

Mix yoghurt, coffee, and vanilla in another bowl

Melt the chocolate and stir in the sugar and nutella
Add this to the coffee mixture
Mix in the egg & mayo

Fold in the flour mix

Pour into 20cm square tin and scatter over chunks of choc and whole nuts, push them in slightly

cook at 180c for 20-25 minutes

A lot of faff but the gooiest densest brownies ever!

purples Thu 21-Mar-13 16:17:54

smile Recipe sounds fabulous , l can just taste these already...

ThePskettiIncident Thu 21-Mar-13 16:22:34

The guardian does a "how to make the best..." Series. The brownie recipe is brilliant. You could probably google it.

They are seriously scrummy

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