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Help me make a big cake

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balancingfigure Mon 18-Mar-13 18:16:02

I can't give a receipe but I would just factor up a normal sized choc cake receipe. I've just done that with plain sponge today to make 3 different shape cakes (to be cut into a castle hopefully smile) but I recommend having the oven cooler than normal and cooking for longer when you have such a big cake otherwise it will be well done/crispy round the outside and underdone in the middle.

In your postion though I would do what quoteunquote said and make fairy cakes - it more time consuming to divide into cases but easier to cook and wrap!

coffeeandchoc Mon 18-Mar-13 15:29:53

Thank you I will go now and have a look.

nancerama Mon 18-Mar-13 12:36:50

Mary Berry's tray bake recipes are your friend.

quoteunquote Mon 18-Mar-13 12:35:35

would it not be easier to do fairy cakes.

coffeeandchoc Mon 18-Mar-13 12:00:00

I've offered to make a cake for my friends DD birthday (only to be used in the party bags, no one will see it!), and I'm planning on using one of those disposable foil rectangle trays to bake it in.

So what I need is some help with a recipe and cooking times and temperatures for baking a large chocolate cake. The tray is about 26cm by 45cm I think. Its got to be cut up for 30 children.

Anybody able to help me, please.

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