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carrot cake recipe with no nuts or raisins

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wannabedomesticgoddess Fri 15-Mar-13 12:29:06

That sounds really lovely, I love honey in cakes! Thanks smile

TheWoollybacksWife Fri 15-Mar-13 11:42:43

This one is lovely. It tastes like ginger cake. grin

Half a pound of plain wholemeal or wheatmeal flour
Tablespoon of cinnamon
Teaspoon of nutmeg
Half a tablespoon of baking powder
4oz butter or margarine
4oz of honey
4oz of sugar
Half a pound of carrots

Preheat oven to Gas 3, 325 F, 170 C

Mix flour, spices and baking powder.
Melt butter, honey and sugar together and then stir into flour mixture.
Stir in grated carrots.

Pour mixture into 1lb loaf tin and bake for 60-80 minutes until firm. Leave in tin for 10 minutes then turn out.

I don't know how long it would take to cook in a different shaped tin as I always cook it in a loaf tin.

wannabedomesticgoddess Fri 15-Mar-13 11:29:29

Does anybody have one? If not, how can I replace them in the recipe? More carrot?

DP wont eat nuts and hates "bits". But I really want to make carrot cake for easter.

I have googled extensively and cannot find one.

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