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Lazy Susan / Cake Turntable

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If you do a lot of detail on the sides of your cakes, or very intricate detail in general then a tilting one would be useful.

I havent got any but I was looking at a cheap non tilting one. Now I think I might just save and get a more expensive tilting one so the option is there.

pooka Fri 22-Feb-13 21:10:26

I've got a non-tilting turntable thing from Ikea. Think is supposed to go under a television or monitor. But works fine for icing.

kiwidreamer Fri 22-Feb-13 21:09:04

Do I need one?? My day to day cakes are a bit on the casual side which is fine but I like to do nice birthday cakes, not ventured into fondant yet but have a penchant for buttercream creations lol would a turntable help with my efforts... and if yes do I need a tilting one??

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