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Do you make your bread by hand? I just made a new one for me, spelt and linseed.

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CuriousMama Sat 16-Feb-13 16:38:23

I thought it would turn out too heavy as was dense when kneading but it's lush. I got the recipe out of a library book. Dp's the usual breadmaker. He has a sourdough starter going at the moment although it isn't looking too well confused He's very sad about that.

Does anyone else make bread by hand? I used to have a breadmaker but gave it away as it took up so much room. Tbh I prefer hand baked but it does mean heating a whole oven. We're trying to make 2 at a time now or synchronise bread making with other oven cooking.

Dp and I visited an artisan bakery in my home town last week. They do bread making workshops. It's really hard to get one them though as they book up so quickly. I think the GBBO and tv programmes like this has really helped?

CuriousMama Sat 16-Feb-13 16:39:38

Meant 'get on them though' blush

Thingymajigs Sat 16-Feb-13 18:59:57

I do. I've only started 2 weeks ago but now we exclusively eat our own bread and cobs. I use a Nigella Lawson recipe for our loaves and one from the Hairy Bikers for the cobs. I'm becoming a lot faster now but the cobs do require 20 mins of kneading! They're a bit heavy for every day lunches so I'm hoping to find an easier method that creates a lighter dough. I also need to figure out some sort of batch baking system to coincide with normal oven use now half term is over.
You've inspired me, I will experiment and add some seeds in tomorrow's loaf. smile

CuriousMama Sat 16-Feb-13 19:11:49

20 minutes kneading shock

Try the spelt and linseed if you can, it's so delicious. It's one of those breads that are too nice to even make sandwiches out of.

This. is the recipe I used found it online. I got it out of a library book though.

Thingymajigs Sat 16-Feb-13 19:25:04

That looks delicious. I've added spelt flour to my shopping list.
The only problem with baking your own is that it doesn't last very long. As soon as its out of the oven everyone has laid claim to a piece.

CuriousMama Sat 16-Feb-13 19:27:09

I know but the funny thing is my stomach is less bloated even though I'm eating more bread? Ds1 turns his nose up at shop bought now. Both dss have had a go at making it too.

4merlyknownasSHD Fri 22-Feb-13 12:38:19

20 minutes kneading does sound a lot. I knead bread for no more than 5 minutes at mixing time, and probably no more than 2 minutes after knocking back. I do, however, use a half-sponge method and this may mean that the mixing part of kneading is already half done by the time I add the second half ofthe flour and the salt, seeds etc, but I always have very even crumb and structure. I don't do Cobs, but have done small rolls as well as 2lb loaves regularly.

Moominsarehippos Fri 22-Feb-13 12:45:50

Nooooo. Check out Dan Lepard. He is a God.

UptoapointLordCopper Fri 22-Feb-13 16:33:59

20 minutes does sound a lot. We are making choc chips buns now and they are kneaded for 10 seconds once and another 10 seconds about 1/2 hour later and they look and feel fine. It is Dan's recipe though. Dan is the God of Making-bread-without-kneading-much-and-always-turning-out-bloody-yummy.

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