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Almond Biscotti

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erowid Fri 15-Feb-13 02:14:54

Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for almond biscotti they would be so kind to share? smile

dikkertjedap Fri 22-Feb-13 21:06:20

I will look it up tomorrow. To start with you need durum wheat though.

cricketfantoo Sat 23-Feb-13 17:27:09

This is for Hazelnut Biscotti from a magazine, i forget which one. I can't see why it wouldn't work just as well with almonds. I've made it many times but where it says mould into sausage shapes, it's really sticky. It also spreads a lot so if your baking tray isn't big, do it on two.

100g blanched hazelnuts (or almonds)
175g plain flour
1/2 (half) level tspn baking powder
175g golden caster sugar
2 large eggs, beaten
1 tspn vanilla extract

Preheat oven to GM 4, 180C 350F

Spread nuts on a baking tray and bake in preheated oven for about 8-10 mins until golden brown then tip onto a plate and leave to cool.
Sift flour and baking powder into a bowl with the sugar and a pinch of salt, then make a well in the centre and add the eggs and vanilla. Combine lightly with a fork, the tip in the nuts and using floured hands, shape into a ball. Divide in half and make two sausage shapes, about 8" (20cm) long. Place on a greased (I line mine with baking paper as very liable to stick) baking sheet, spacing well apart as they will spread, and bake in the oven for 25 mins until pale golden brown and just firm to the touch. Leave to cool for about 10 mins, then lift each piece onto a chopping board. Reduce the oven temperature to GM3 , 170C, 325F.
Using a serrated knife, cut each piece diagonally into 2cm thick slices, then re-grease the baking tray (ok without paper this time) and place the slices on it.
Bake for about 10 mins then transfer to a wire rack to cool and firm.

Alternative recipe for biscotti - James Martin fruit and nut biscotti which are delicious. I left out the dried cherries and upped the other things.


dikkertjedap Sun 24-Feb-13 20:56:04

Okay, this is the proper Italian recipe for cantuccini di Prato from 'Dolci della Toscana' by Sandra Lotti.

350 g white flour (not durum wheat I was wrong)
350 g sugar
160 g toasted skinned almonds
3 eggs
0.5 sachet of yeast for cakes
pinch of salt

Preheat oven at 180 degrees celsius (ordinary oven, no fan otherwise adapt temperature)

Mix the flour with sugar and salt. Make a dent in the middle and put eggs (leave a little aside to brush dough before baking) and yeast in the middle, mix everything together, add almonds as well.

Work the dough for a few minutes, then roll the dough with your hands in a long cylinder shape (about 1 inch wide). Let the rolled dough rest for 30 minutes (not in fridge). Brush the dough with the remaining beaten egg.

Bake dough for 15 minutes in oven. Take it out, slice the dough diagonally to get your biscotti (0.5 inch thickness). Put them back in he oven for another 5-10 minutes.

Let them cool and serve with sweet wine.

(TBH I have never made them myself, but have made other things from this little cookbook which were really nice)

erowid Mon 25-Feb-13 01:59:40

Fabolus! Many thanks, I'll try some of these out for when friends come round for coffee afteroons smile

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