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Cake tins

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milkmoustache Sun 10-Feb-13 08:32:56

I need a large square cake tin to keep cakes in - just one, not a set. Have searched john lewis, lakeland, online - no joy at all! Where else can I look? The only one I found was an overpriced Orla Kiely with a horrible pattern on, surely there is somewhere that sells straightforward tins at a reasonable price..?

Yorky Sun 10-Feb-13 08:40:34

My square cake tin came for BHS a few Christmases ago - it had biscuits in it briefly, but a nice picture on top rather than pictures of original contents so it doesn't look like a quality street tin, a random lucky find rather than actually searching for one at the time
Good luck

Clary Sun 10-Feb-13 08:41:37

Personally I prefer plastic to metal as it doesn't deteriorate. I use a tange of big boxes from various places - like the clippy ones - but actually the best ones I have currently is a plastic biscuit box, just the right depth for cupcakes.

Why does it have to be a tin?

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