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silicon bakeware

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Mamab33 Sun 03-Feb-13 17:46:15

Opinions about this please. I love the practicality but hate the taste/smell that it taints your cakes with and worry that it could be bad for health???

Imnotaslimjim Sun 03-Feb-13 17:50:47

I use it all the time and have never found it taints the flavour. And it wouldn't be allowed if it was dangerous to health, surely?

MousyMouse Sun 03-Feb-13 17:54:11

I love my cupcake cases and the fact that you can wash them in the washing mashine but the bigger cases are just too wobbly, much prefer tins.

Mamab33 Sun 03-Feb-13 17:59:28

Thank you! Maybe just my extra sensitive nose smile

I have never noticed a taste with it. I love it for muffins.

OhMyNoReally Sun 03-Feb-13 20:36:41

I find it has a taste but only if washed in the dishwasher and it can be annoyingly wobbly. But it is easier to extract bakeware from.

nbee84 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:46:01

Agree with OhMyNoReally - if it's washed in the dishwasher it does seem to pick up a smell and taints the food a little too.

evertonmint Sun 03-Feb-13 20:54:17

I have some - not as good as tins I've found and hate the taint from the dishwasher which you don't get with tins.

PacificDogwood Sun 03-Feb-13 20:55:29

It turns to pure, powdery carbon that holds its shape until touched if left in the oven running self-cleaning program at 450C shock

Other than that, I used to love it - no funny taste/smell

Im pretty sure they only should be heated up to 230C.

timidviper Sun 03-Feb-13 21:00:18

Mine were fine other than that somebody an idiot cut a cake in mine with a sharp knife and cut a slit in it.

PacificDogwood Sun 03-Feb-13 21:07:13

Oh, the incineration happened due to InsaneToddler4 sticking the self-cleaning program on, unbeknownst to me - we came home to a smoke-filled house and in the end I was very, very relieved that the only victim of this incident had been a star-shaped cake'tin'.

I have since discovered the child-lock for said oven.... blush

4merlyknownasSHD Sun 03-Feb-13 22:06:55

Cooking in a condom.

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