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Sugarcraft book recommendations?

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MyCatHasStaff Tue 01-Jan-13 00:35:47

I use this quite alot

Anything by Debbie Brown is easy to follow, and Lindy Smith does some fabulous books.

Oortcloud Fri 28-Dec-12 06:02:39

There are two books, but they are for cupcakes. They show you how to craft candies, cookies, and chocolates into art. They are Whats That! Cupcake, and Hello Cupcake

Hope this helps

Can anyone advise on a good book for a relative beginner?

I want to make my own wedding cake. Im ok with the cooking of the cake but decorating it is more daunting! Im looking on Amazon right now but theres so much choice!

So a book that has easy to follow instructions but that also has quite interesting things to make and isnt too basic would be ideal!


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