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JML giant cupcake mold - yay or nay? Need to do birthday cake tomorrow

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MrsMushroom Thu 27-Dec-12 11:28:01

I was told on here to ue a maderia recipie as otherwise the cake collapses when you decorate it. I wouldn't....I did one and while the cake looked ok it wasn't WOW and it tasted meh.

Just do something classic like a round one with loads of decor and pink buttercream. My sister does that and they look great...smothered in fluffed up buttercream and daisies.

musttidyupBeforeSantaComes Wed 26-Dec-12 22:00:07

Have looked up a few old threads on this and it does not sound very promising. Need to do a birthday cake fr DS who is turning 4 and thought it might be nice with lots of buttercream and sprinkles but won't have time to make another if it all goes wrong.
Foolproof recipe / tips anyone?

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