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Do I need to re-ice?

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MyCatHasStaff Tue 18-Dec-12 13:22:21

Yeah it will be crumbly and gritty and darker than it should be, but if the cake is less than a year old it should be fine.

SpanielFace Tue 18-Dec-12 10:56:37

Ok, how will I know if the marzipan is past it? Is it obvious? x

MyCatHasStaff Tue 18-Dec-12 10:41:22

The cake and the icing are most likely fine - it will be the marzipan that may not be. Can you cut a bit out of the bottom where it won't show to check? If the marzipan is ok it should be fine.

SpanielFace Tue 18-Dec-12 10:39:02

We got married in May, and had a 3 tier fruit cake, only one tier of each was eaten. The other two tiers have been wrapped in foil, but not kept airtight. I'd planned on re-icing the smallest as a Christmas cake, but I've got it out and the icing looks fine - there is a crack across the middle where is has presumably dried out a little, but it's not yellowed at all, and I could easily cover that with decorations. WDYT? Will it be ok to eat?

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