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Cakes made with margarine?

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NanaNina Sat 16-Mar-13 21:40:15

Another vote for Stork and I use Stork for shortbread, and it's never turned down!

NorthernNumpty Mon 04-Mar-13 12:54:36

I used Stork for the first time in a Victoria sponge, brilliant result, really even rise even on a 10" cake, will definitely use again as even value butter is expensive now.

Bunbaker Sun 03-Mar-13 11:16:46

Yes to butter in biscuits as it really affects the flavour, especially shortbread. If shortbread is made with anything other than butter it ain't shortbread.

MerryMingeWhingesAgain Sun 03-Mar-13 11:02:53

Stork in the tub for cakes. Butter for biscuits or buttercream though. I found cakes made with butter seemed too heavy and greasy, even though I love butter.

Bunbaker Sun 03-Mar-13 11:00:57

I always use Stork, which, incidentally, doesn't contain trans fats. I did a blind taste test on my family the other week and we couldn't taste any difference. Also you can use use tub Stork straight from the fridge - no waiting for butter to soften.

I wouldn't use anything other than butter for buttercream though.

Sarah1611 Sat 23-Feb-13 20:55:48

I made my first wedding cake using butter... But ever since its been Stork all the way! Most people can't tell the difference and its sooo much cheaper! I use Stork for cakes and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter for buttercream and its wonderful!

Perhaps if I made less cakes I'd stick to butter but I doubt it! I manage to save such a lot of money this way!


RaspberryLemonPavlova Wed 20-Feb-13 19:28:11

On Food and Drink last week, Michel Roux abd Mary Berry did a taste testing of their sponge cakes and even Michel preferred Mary's sponge with spread rather than his with butter.

mumzy Wed 20-Feb-13 09:02:39

You get a lighter textured cake with margarine and I found stork to be the best

BirdyArms Fri 01-Feb-13 14:20:13

I agree. I had always used butter but decided to use stork in cakes I baked for a school cake stall on cost grounds and I really think that they taste better with stork.

dalek Fri 01-Feb-13 13:13:58


dalek Fri 01-Feb-13 13:13:27

I read somewhere that if you are worried about trans fats you should use flora or vitalite as they do not contain these. I think you need to avoid "hydrogenated fat" on the label. I agree re margarine making a lighter cake - I always use margarine for cakes but use butter for brownies and any recipe requiring melting of he butter/margarine.

Years ago I saw a programme with Delia where she made cakes and biscuits using both and compared the two. Cakes with margarine definitely lighter - if it's good enough for Delia (and Mary Berry) it's god enough for me!

pumpkinsweetieMasPudding Tue 01-Jan-13 18:22:40

Everyone loves my cakes, i use Stork smile

shesariver Tue 01-Jan-13 18:13:43

I never use butter, always stork and get loads compliments about my cakes.

MoreBeta Wed 19-Dec-12 17:40:22

I use Pure margarine in cakes instead of butter as I have to be careful with dairy products. It works well and makes very light sponge cakes.

Some cake recipes actually call for vegetable oil instead of butter or margarine.

Startail Wed 19-Dec-12 17:35:53

Dmum always used stork and makes the best chocolate cake on the planet.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Wed 19-Dec-12 17:15:12

I've used stork before and it's been fine
just don't use it in buttercream like someone did at dd1's school fair <bleeeeeee>

DreamingOfTheMaldives Wed 19-Dec-12 17:12:39

Thanks everyone. I will give get some next time I go to the supermarket and give it a try in my baking.

I managed to get free range eggs for only 99p yesterday so that has helped a bit too.

SanityClause Tue 18-Dec-12 10:24:30

We now have to use a non dairy spread because of intolerances in the family.

My cakes are always lovely, although they are wheat, egg and dairy free. wink

priscilla101 Tue 18-Dec-12 10:22:30

Apparently it is fat content that helps with producing a good bake so Stork, for example has a high fat content and is, according to Mary Berry, better than butter.

But it is really artificial!

MyCatHasStaff Tue 18-Dec-12 10:17:27

I use Flora quite often and the texture is much lighter. I have a couple of dairy allergic friends so I use Vitalite sometimes too. It depends on the recipe really, I always use unsalted butter for biscuits because otherwise they don't hold their shape as well. Sunflower oil is good too.

IHeartKingThistle Tue 18-Dec-12 10:15:21

Stork has always worked for me!

Hopskipandjump Tue 18-Dec-12 10:13:55

Absolutely! My DS is allergic to cows milk and I use Pure in all my cakes to substitute and to be absolutely honest, I can't tell the difference. I have made mince pies, lemon drizzle cake, st clements cake, banana cake carrot cake and christmas cake in the last couple of weeks! Carrot cake used sunflower oil

MariaMandarin Tue 18-Dec-12 10:13:01

I think they taste just as good. Mary Berry recommends using margarine. The texture of the cake is better.

baahhumbug Tue 18-Dec-12 10:07:26

I never use margarine because I'm very suspicious of anything that artificial - have you seen the tv programmes about how they make it?!

Just a thought, is it worth trying a recipe that uses veg/sunflower oil instead, I think that would be cheaper?? I'm sure if you google you will find some.

DreamingOfTheMaldives Tue 18-Dec-12 10:04:58

Do any of you make your cakes with margarine rather than butter. If so, how are they? Are they still good compared with using butter?

I have always used butter but am trying to economise a bit as money is tight and I have a number of cakes I want to make for people before Christmas including a BIG one for the homeless shelter. Trying to save money where I can and if cakes made with margarine are still good then this seems a good way to save a few pennies.

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