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Cake storage question?

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FEEdec Mon 03-Dec-12 18:19:53

Hi there
I've just made my first ever cake (and feeling very proud of myself smile but have a question about storing it.

It's a first birthday cake for my son. A Victoria sponge with jam and cream as the sandwich. Covered with butter icing and topped with an iggle piggle made from fondant icing. We're going to be eating it at tea time tomorrow but I'm not sure where to put it until then?

Can anyone enlighten me please? Thanks x

firefly11 Tue 04-Dec-12 11:27:51

If there is dairy in the cake, and in your case, it's cream, I would alwys refrigerate it. Just to keep the dairy from going stale. The only thing is that cakes and breads get hard when they are stored in a refrigerator. For their texture to remain soft, its best to freeze or store at room temperature.

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