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How to choose a CRM system for a small company?

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Kilara Tue 19-Jun-18 00:43:44

Recommendations please? I don't need a very complicated and expensive one if it's important. My company belongs to a food sphere. Thanks!

HipHopTheHippieToTheHipHipHop Wed 20-Jun-18 13:43:33

Most of what you need can be done in excel together with having a shared email box, certainly until you have a few sales folk and you start tripping over each other.

Even basic CRMs like Zoho are overpriced and over complicated for what you need at the start and anything you find that’s free will exclude really basic features to make you upgrade to a paid version.

Until you get big you’ll probably find that a CRM system takes up more time than it’s worth.

NeonSun Thu 21-Jun-18 01:51:11

CRM belongs to general management complex, in general its main purpose is to provide and organized and effective functioning of the whole company. In the narrower sense CRM is an automatic system which helps to use and manage your clients data, all information about them which as a result is kept in one place. It's very convinient and effective for every company smile
There are now very many of them and in some cases you really don't need to install a difficult and expensive one, a simple system is ok in many cases (like QuickBook). But anyway while choosing the one I recommend you to follow these tips:
- which certain problem you need to solve with its help
- a period of implementation (how much time will take for you and your workers to get skills for working with it)
- mobility (its possibility for future changes and upgrades )
- compatibility (a possibility for effective combination with other software you have)

SoloD Sat 30-Jun-18 23:06:25

I use the free version on Zoho and that is fine at the moment for what I need.

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