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Looking to learn something new/ struggling to make ends meet?

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ssav Wed 06-Dec-17 00:34:56

Being a stay at home mum as great as it is for me can get very boring and I am wondering if other stay at home parents like myself would love a fun activity to get involved in that doesn't involve travelling.

The idea I came up with is an online skill sharing platform, where you can learn something new from other people and vice versa for free. You will be able to get lessons through your computer screen/ phone/ meet with people within your local area and also share your expertise with others.

It would also give the opportunity for qualified individuals to charge for their services and earn money whether a beauty therapist, teacher or personal trainer.


Shen0102 Wed 06-Dec-17 23:37:57

It sounds like a good idea. Are you looking for business partners or for ways to get you off the ground ?

Have you done market research yet? How much capital do you think youll need to start you off?

enigmatik2 Thu 07-Dec-17 02:55:25

I stay at home and love to learn new things every day so I already started a website for that. I have a Daily Smartening (which is free). You can get something new to learn in your email every day mon-Sat. that's at What did you have in mind?

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