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Advice on affiliate marketing please...

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LizNinja Mon 21-Aug-17 14:15:22


My husband and I have started an online business, selling pre-recorded hypnosis tracks for digital download (my husband is a qualified hypnotherapist). We're currently looking into affiliate marketing as an avenue for getting the business off the ground, but we're struggling to understand exactly what people want/need from us in order to be interested in working with us. If you have time, could you please give us some advice/feedback on the following questions? (We're happy for all kinds of feedback, even if it feels a bit off-topic, and you don't need to have experience as an affiliate already):

We've priced sessions at £9.99, and we think a fair commission on this would be 50%. Does that sound low, fair, or high?

We're new to affiliate marketing - if you've done/do affiliate marketing, what would you expect to receive from us in addition to the link for commission to include in your blog/social/other? Artwork? Banners? Copy? What are we expected to automatically provide?

Are we expected to provide any ongoing support for affiliates, other than paying them regularly and promptly? If so, what sort of support?

Our friends are telling us we should concentrate on just a few key sessions to try and find affiliate marketing bloggers (e.g. stop smoking/changing your relationship with food/sleeping better), but we have over 50 sessions already - we think that offering all of them to bloggers for commission might be better. Any thoughts on this?

We've probably got a ton more questions that we're yet to work out, but all help would be most gratefully appreciated.



Juliafer Tue 13-Feb-18 06:41:44

Hey Liz,

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thisartist Fri 23-Mar-18 15:07:26

Hi there

I don't know much about affiliate marketing but wonder if by doing it you are looking to reach a much wider audience? How are your numbers looking on your own website/facebook/social media sites - am pretty sure that the affiliates will be wanting to know.

I agree that an incentive is a good carrot, but am wondering if free-giveaways might be a good way in? Entice them in to sample then purchases follow type thing?

I've found Janet Murray to offer good value - she is a PR lady and has tons of ideas on her website for free - it could be that raising your profile this way might offer more returns.

£9.99 sounds like good value btw.

Best of luck

Sam x

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