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Large size ladies' shoes

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skinnyamericano Fri 04-Aug-17 11:15:15

Morning! I've been thinking of starting an online business selling shoes for ladies with large feet. I have this problem, and my DD is definitely heading that way too.

Anyone else? Is there a gap in the market for this business?

Thanks in advance.

rosareine Sat 12-Aug-17 12:58:55

What size would you be planning to start from?

I'm an 8.5 and I struggle to find shoes that I like that don't cost a fortune.

Wordsaremything Sat 12-Aug-17 13:02:00

Yes! I am an 8 or 9 and also very very wide. I struggle to find anything and at weekends wear hiking sandals ( men's)

SerfTerf Sat 12-Aug-17 13:02:27

You'd get a lot of transwomen customers.

Could be lucrative.

QuackDuckQuack Sat 12-Aug-17 13:06:41

We have a shop near us that specialises in large and small shoes, plus narrow and wide ones. They seem to do a good trade and SerfTerf is right that there are often trans women in there.

Online is obviously harder because you'd have to deal with returns as people have to try on shoes.

Crispsheets Sat 12-Aug-17 13:07:24

Yes 😀
The assumption with current large size shoe manufacturers is that large = wide, and that large= frumpy.
I shop at Crispins which sells exquisite Italian and Spanish shoes but average price is £175.
I'd love a good range of Leather shoes costing about £80-100, which ate contemporary and not fugly

Joanna0685 Sat 12-Aug-17 13:55:32

Yes, I hate buying shoes due to large feet. is good.

MumIsRunningAMarathon Sat 12-Aug-17 13:56:55

I'm a 8/9 and don't struggle now...., used to be an issue but I find more and more ships are stocking larger sizes these days

BikeRunSki Sat 12-Aug-17 14:04:44

I'm an 8/9 and amrhiugh the struggle is real, it's not as hard as it used to be. On the high steet White stuff do a very generous 8, Clarks do a wide fit a d up to a 9 in many styles, Asda do some 9s too. Long Tall Sally start at 7, go up to 12 I think. Why don't you join the Long Tall Sally group on Facebook and ask them?

Crispsheets Sat 12-Aug-17 14:09:02

Clarks and Next size 43 don't fit me...yet a European 43 does.
I get odd shoes from LTD, Magnus, Tall Girls and After 8.
But the range is limited.
I'd like Russell and Bromley styles and quality.

Longdistance Sat 12-Aug-17 14:14:23

I'm a size 8, but sometimes they are tight, so need a wide or a 9.

Ditto, about trans women shopping for shoes in a larger size.

The only other place that does larger sizes is Deichmann shoes.

TheQuestingVole Sat 12-Aug-17 14:14:33

There is a real gap in the market for narrow shoes in large sizes - there are a couple of specialist stockists in the UK who do mail order but one is frumpsville and the other is just really really amateurishly run imo.

I used to buy from Crispins but they do not seem to do narrow fittings anymore.

skinnyamericano Sat 12-Aug-17 20:00:32

I was beginning to think it was just me!! Thanks for all the replies.

Transwomen may be a really good market - everything I've seen are what you'd imagine a 'stage transvestite' to wear, which I guess is not what trans women want to wear every day.

I don't know how to put my finger on what I don't like about the current offerings. Basically I just want to walk into a nice shoe shop, see something current, good quality, try it on and buy it!

I think if you're 8/9 these days, you've got a fairly good range of choice - 10 upwards is still hopeless.

crispsheets have you seen 'shoes of prey'? They might what you're looking for.

Thanks once again everyone.

gettingbacktoresearch Sat 21-Oct-17 17:02:42

I'm a 9-10 and gutted that brantano has closed as that was the only place I could go in and see them but even then they were frumpy... I want funky, affordable and long lasting shoes please!

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