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Body Shop at home.

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BringMeTea123 Thu 06-Jul-17 08:44:38

Hi all,

Just looking for a little bit of advice and perhaps a push. I'm looking into selling the Body Shop at home as a way to earn a little extra money while looking after my son during the day. I am able to spare a few hours a day while he naps.

I have had an email from a lady. The starter kit is £45. Includes some Christmas selling too so seems good value for money as dare I say it will soon be upon us 😳

Had anyone any experience at selling the Body Shop. I do like their products and what the Body Shop stands for (no animal testing etc) and I know it's something others like to buy. However after moving my friends etc arnt in the area I now live.
So my question is -

•is it something you can advertise and sell via social media?

•are products/customer orders delivered to you to distribute or are they delivered directly to the customer if requested?

•is there anyone who has done the Body Shop or something similar who can offer any advice or information on it


PunnetSquare Wed 19-Jul-17 20:03:01

Don't. It's turning into an mlm.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Wed 19-Jul-17 20:16:16

If I buy body shop stuff online, I can get huge discounts in the sale and cash back. I think most people would do the same. I think you would do.a lot of work for very little return

It would be u interesting to ask the lady who emailed how much she earns

Sparkletastic Wed 19-Jul-17 20:18:16

I doubt very much that there would be any money in it and you run the risk of alienating your friends by trying to flog stuff to them.

GavelRavel Wed 19-Jul-17 20:18:30

I don't know anyone that wouldnt just buy it direct online and use the massive amount of vouchers and sales they regularly have on.

Callamia Wed 19-Jul-17 20:20:53

The people I know who have started this didn't do it for very long.

There's only so much body shop stuff your friends and relatives will need and want - esp at the volume required to make it worth the hours you're putting in.

Terramirabilis Wed 19-Jul-17 20:24:07

Ask yourself who would by from you versus just buying online or in store. Maybe less internet-savvy people or those who can't get to store? How many of the former are there nowadays? Is the Body Shop a brand that appeals to those in the latter category? I can't imagine how this would be profitable.

taheera77 Mon 24-Jul-17 15:47:20

Hi there, have you got any administration skills and internet access? You may be able to get some hours as a virtual admin assistant.

I earned decent money a few years ago doing that while I was attending uni.

whensthenextholiday Tue 24-Oct-17 21:37:09


Did you stay working for the body shop at home in the end?

What are your thoughts on it?smile

QueenNefertitty Tue 24-Oct-17 21:42:12

I did it about ten years ago.

I soon stopped. It's a lot of work, not very profitable, and to be honest, body shop isn't actually that easy to sell to people. It's a bit naff.

I really wouldn't waste your time or start-up
money. Sorry.

Auspiciouspanda Tue 24-Oct-17 21:44:19

Body shop is pretty much permanently 40% off online so I doubt you'll get customers from social media etc

whensthenextholiday Tue 24-Oct-17 21:53:13

That’s seems to be people’s general thoughts around this from what I’ve seen!

Thanks smile

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