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setting up new business - advice request/market research please

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pickledgirkin Thu 13-Apr-17 10:46:44

My daughter was born 18 months ago and I need to work from home (same old story!). I am thinking of setting up a business and wondered whether you experienced mums and dads might have some advice?

I would like to provide tours of London to kids and families with selected tour guides who specialise in working with children and young people to provide engaging and informative tours. I was thinking of offering tours of historical sites like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, as well as museums like the British Museum or the National Gallery, as well as some ‘discover London’ walking tours and the age range would be from toddlers to about 16. So they would be historically based, engaging and interactive, with some activities, and a variety of information to hopefully interest both the kids and the parents. They would be like ‘fun history lessons’ and hopefully bring history, London and art to life.

I was wondering whether you experienced mums and dads think this is a good idea? And could you give me any ideas as to what your little ones might be interested in? Or what you might look for in a tour, such as length of time, content, price maybe? For example, my 18 month old is good in a gallery, with reins, for about an hour, and she likes paintings with animals. Or somewhere really interactive like the London Transport Museum which kept her amused for an hour or so.

Thank you so much! I’d really appreciate any feedback!

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