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Help me formulate my business idea!

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ahatlikeprincessmarina Tue 28-Mar-17 08:31:42

This sounds pretty lame –I want to start an online business but I'm not sure exactly what! I am interested in/have experience with: local kids events, nurseries, toddler groups, I am proficient in Indesign and will happily design newslettery-type things and get them printed, (I do this kind of thing in my 9-5 job) or happy to work with mass email mailing list-type things. I have had my own local advertising directory in the past, but moved away from the area it covered, and there's already a well-established one where I live now.

I just can't quite define my niche or gap in the market. I guess I want to provide some kind of listings or information service to local parents. But I know there's already the 'Families' magazine brand ...

Any ideas for things where you've felt someone is missing a trick? I know I probably shouldn't be putting this out there grin but I've been racking my brains for ages now!

AnisQiz Wed 05-Apr-17 10:49:31

I would have a chat with your target audience, local parents, and ask them what they look for and what they feel is missing or what would be useful for them. Listening and identifying a problem might help steer you in the direction. Even if there;s something else out there, there's always room to do it better or differently, or more focused.

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