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Limited Company vs Trading As ...

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2sleepingdogs Fri 17-Feb-17 15:14:51

I pay tax on the money I earn from tutoring through a Ltd company with a name that suggests tutoring. I now want to offer a specialist consultancy service, but would like to advertise with a different name. As I do not want to have 2 Ltd companies, can I have a different name trading name, but continue to pay tax through the Ltd company?

paperbattles Sun 19-Feb-17 16:02:08

Yes it is very common to trade using a different name from your company; you must make sure that your trading name is not similar to any other companies' or businesses' names. (search the registers)
You can't use certain words (same for company names);
and you have to display your company name and use of a trading name clearly on all relevant docs.
You can easily search for this info online.
Be careful of infringing other peoples' trading names - 'passing off' and trade mark infringements.

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