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Please could you review my site and advise me

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Jellybearlovescake Sat 29-Oct-16 20:34:36

I would be really grateful if you could look at my website, I'm completely new to all things technical and it's taken me months to work out how to create a website so feeling really proud. However I've been staring at it so much now that I can't look at it objectively and would really appreciate some constructive feedback. I will add pictures once all the written information is correct but I'm not 100% happy with what I've written. I can't put my finger on what's not right though so would really appreciate some feedback and pointers. Thank you in advance.

Jellybearlovescake Sat 29-Oct-16 20:35:19

Sorry I don't know how to add a link.

Jellybearlovescake Sat 29-Oct-16 20:37:21

Done it!

RamsayBoltonsConscience Sat 29-Oct-16 20:41:22

I think it looks really good and has just the right tone. The only thing I would change is that you say that you are open Monday to Friday all year round and then say when you aren't available. I would say 'Open all year, Monday to Friday except for the last week in August...' This would make it really clear and not open for any misunderstandings.

EssentialHummus Sat 29-Oct-16 20:42:36

Looks very good to me. I liked the Schedule/Routine page very much.

RamsayBoltonsConscience Sat 29-Oct-16 20:42:56

Just noticed, do you really mean that the minimum number of hours is 8?

Pradaqueen Sat 29-Oct-16 20:43:04

Very good OP. Professional and easy to rest. I'm not in your area nor do I need your services but I might want to know about phonics/reading/writing. Also what if I don't have a sibling on the school run? Can you cater for that?

Thundercake Sat 29-Oct-16 20:45:10

That's brilliant considering you're not technically minded. I'm not in the UK so forgive my ignorance but it's hard to tell if you'll have other staff or how many of each age group you'll have. Presumably you couldn't accept 5 kids under 1 for example. The text is kind of coming across a bit strained, it doesn't really flow but the content is great and you answer most questions people will have.

And there should be a full stop after Ofsted in the top bit. Good luck!! It's really great.

Heratnumber7 Sat 29-Oct-16 20:47:02

Looks good, but I would like to see some photos of the house if I were looking for a CM

aforestgrewandgrew Sat 29-Oct-16 20:50:57

Yes, the minimum 8 hours isn't something I've seen before either.

Every child care setting we've used (7 now I think) and many more we've looked at have offered half days if not flexible hours.

tribpot Sat 29-Oct-16 20:58:55

It looks good on mobile but the font is a bit small for me when I view the site on my desktop browser. Not a massive deal, I don't know if Wordpress has an option to let you change the font size specifically for desktop? I wouldn't use a font with serifs myself - I like it in the header but not so much in the body.

Some typos on the Home page - space before the full stop after 'babies and young children'. Cul-de-sac should be hyphenated (at least that's how I've always written it and I live on one). There should be an apostrophe on "minutes' in "Just ten minutes' walk".

There is space to leave the car on the driveway for parents who commute into work. - how many spaces do you really have? This is a very generous added extra in my view, so I'd make sure you are very clear about the terms of use and how many cars you have room for.

Children have unrestricted access to a large enclosed garden - unrestricted conjures up the image of them running about unsupervised, which I know isn't want you mean. Maybe 'children enjoy access to .. '?

With the web form for more info, is there an option to include a Captcha or something so that you don't get spammed with lots of robots filling the form in? Not sure if Wordpress offer that.

On this page I noticed a 'dairy' when 'diary' was meant.

Overall, I think it will look quite different when you put the pictures in. Normally when you're designing a website you would put in placeholders for where the pictures will go, so that you can get a feel for how a page will look when it's finished. You can use a site like to generate a blank 'image' of the right size to slot in.

You've done a great job for someone new to the web game, perhaps you could open up a side business in web design for when the mindees are asleep grin

Jellybearlovescake Sat 29-Oct-16 22:01:34

Thank you so so much for taking the time to post, I really appreciate it. I will go through and change the bits you have pointed out in the morning, exactly the kind of things I needed to know. I agree about it being a bit strained but I've written and rewritten so many times, I don't know how to get the right tone. But will change the other things mentioned thank you

Jellybearlovescake Sat 29-Oct-16 22:03:02

Maybe I need a few days break from it then will read the text again with fresh eyes!

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