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Express Healthy Eating

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acocky Fri 23-Sep-16 16:12:25

Good afternoon,

Another male, that after staying in the background while regularly reading forums and articles, has decided to join the wonderful world of mumsnet forum for some advice/opinions!

I'm a 29 year old male who's become fed up in the world of construction after it being all I've really known since I left school. I've plodded by the last couple of years hoping I'll re-charge my enthusiasm for it but it has proved the opposite. I have had a burning desire to take some risks and become my own boss and seek enjoyment/job satisfaction over salary!

I have always had the idea of what the subject says 'express healthy eating' as a keen gym-goer and big interest in my nutrition I've always felt there is a market for a local healthy eating take-out to compete against the fast-food world and sit down restaurants. I want it to be something that offers fast, fresh, healthy grilled meals for the working world seeking healthy breakfast/lunches while on the go instead of a quick sausage cob and supermarket meal deal. I wouldn't be seeking to start this up in the city centre but more my local town which is well populated and and close to gyms, offices and other small businesses.

I would plan to use all local produce for my ingredients and in the long run strike partnerships with other local small businesses (e.g independent coffee shops, sport supplement stores, self employed personal trainers) to all in all help promote healthy eating and living. I would also employ a head chef (or maybe 2 on part-time) who would cook the express food while also helping on menu arrangement.

In regards to the food I would want to offer high quality food that is cooked from scratch, healthy, easy to prepare and all for reasonable prices (say £5-£6 the max for a large cooked hot healthy food box) aswell as other things like smoothies, protein shakes and guilt free snacks while also catering for the gluten-free/veggie custom. I would also like to encourage is this as child friendly and offer healthy child meals also. Last thing I would want is to think it's for gym goers with massive muscles only!!

I know this can work because there is a similar establishment close to my current workplace, which has won awards, received high publicity (15 miles away from where I live) and when I first used this place I almost had a smack of regret hit me due to this idea being something I've also had in back of my mind for a few years now. I guess my lack of hands on experience in the food world has maybe stalled me going for it but I dont think this should necessarily stop me in following a business plan I think could work. I would also consider doing some voluntary work for a few hours here and there in small food chains/coffee shops to get a closer feel while I get the business on it's first steps.

I could go on about staffing,lease building costs, fit out costs, marketing etc but I don't want to ramble (like I already have!) I'd just like to get the general opinion from you people if you can imagine something like this in your local town amongst places like greggs, your typical cafe, would you prefer an healthy express meal and use this kind of business on your lunch-break, while shopping or just popping down because your got time/effort to cook your own healthy food?

Feel free to ask me any more questions if you feel you need a better idea but I think I've gone on enough her for now! Thanks

FrancineSmith Fri 23-Sep-16 16:18:55

Personally I'd love to see something like this local to me. I'm not a gym goer or avid excerciser, but I do enjoy good, healthy food. I don't always have time to cook what I'd like and there are plenty of times I have grabbed a drive thru due to time constraints and cost, while wishing I had decent food instead. I particularly like the idea of making it family friendly.

acocky Fri 23-Sep-16 16:57:33

Thanks for your reply and enthusiasm towards my idea. It's good you point out your not an avid exerciser as I wouldnt want this to have an aura that its only for fitness people only. I'd want it to have massive "convieniance" factor and take the effort out for people seatching for a meal they can guarentee is healthy and nutritious

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