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How much to charge for ironing?

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mharimay Tue 06-Sep-16 09:26:23

Hi there

Any feedback would be great

I'm currently a SAHM to my 18 month old and have started up a little bit of an ironing business.

I don't know what to charge or how to charge. I was thinking of doing it for £22 per basket, but by that I mean a medium sized ironing basket and not a huge thing. Or I could charge by the item and was thinking something like:

£1.50 per shirt
£2.50 full suit
£0.60 per cotton item including jeans, t.shirts, tea towels etc
£2.50 bed sheets & duvet covers

What do people think of this?

Many thanks

mummytobrooke Thu 08-Sep-16 11:34:52

I do ironing and I charge £30 for a laundry sized bag and I have quite alot of buisness

akpounce Thu 08-Sep-16 11:44:22

I pay £10 for a full bin bag which is usually about 15 of my husband's shirts. 50p for collection and the same for delivery. I live in the south east. I would pay more tbh as it's a really big help so your prices sound good.

Deux Thu 08-Sep-16 11:54:47

You could charge by weight also by weighing bags with one of those luggage type scales. So eg, medium bag put to ?kgs

The collect and drop service I used to use charged by item or by weight and they weighed it at the door when they collected.

I use a dry cleaners to iron DH's shirts and they charged £7 for 8 shirts BUT they use one of those big machines that blows hot air through them and then they are finished by hand.

Ring around/research your competitors locally to assess what they're charging.

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