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Want to do a decluttering type cleaning business

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tiredtoday Thu 11-Aug-16 02:05:44

I would love to help people who have an issue in their house where things have Got on top of them and their houses etc have got so bad that they don't know where to start etc... Starting with decluttering and ending with a deep clean.

I have no idea though whether this is already been done to death... And of not what kind of prices could I charge.

What insurances and checks would I need to have of any?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


mummasays Thu 11-Aug-16 03:02:09

Following as this really does interest me also!! grin

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Thu 11-Aug-16 03:14:53

Yes, I like the idea of that too. Should imagine you'd have to have transport, they'd be spread out. Although I should imagine that people
in general would like help with this too, not just serious horders. Good luck with your business.

ohjessie Thu 11-Aug-16 03:17:20

I will be your first client!!

sklooshy Thu 11-Aug-16 03:18:42

Signing up for this smile

Letmesleepalready Thu 11-Aug-16 04:21:51

There's actually a website for finding professional organisers and they seem to offer courses, if that helps?
I found it when I was considering hiring one! Can't really afford it at the moment but would definitely consider it if I had the money!

ChippyDucks Thu 11-Aug-16 05:06:13

Immaculate the only issue I would have would be the decluttering. How would you know what was junk and what was to be kept/ stored? And wouldn't you have to keep meticulous notes of where stuff has been put so the owners could find everything without pulling the lot all out again?

AnnaMarlowe Thu 11-Aug-16 05:21:46

Have you done any competitor research? Is there anyone in your area already offering this service?

I'm aware of at least two in my local area.

You'd need to be able to provide criminal records checks to your clients I'd think.

You'd need a fairly slick presentation which would illustrate your "process".

Are you going to do everything all yourself or are you going to work with the client?

I'd also think you'd need a sliding scale of fees or fees for specific services. For example setting up a filing system for someone with years of paperwork is quite a different job to a wardrobe declutter or a playroom reorganisation

You might need to offer your services to some friends and family free in order to take some marketing before and after pictures and to gather some testimonials.

I'd also canvas the local area to see if there's sufficient interest - this is very much a luxury service.

Best wishes with your new business.

tiredtoday Thu 11-Aug-16 13:33:10

Thanks for all the advice so far.. Spending today doing some more research. Anyone interested in giving me a try pleasr message me and if I'm close enough.... I'm there wink

Lunar1 Thu 11-Aug-16 13:43:07

I'd love this service! Any chance you are in the north west?

tiredtoday Thu 11-Aug-16 14:07:59

I am in the NW... Whereabouts are you Lunar1

Lunar1 Thu 11-Aug-16 15:35:01


tiredtoday Thu 11-Aug-16 17:20:04

I could do Manchester... Do you want to inbox me so we can talk about it.

Lunar1 Thu 11-Aug-16 19:30:03

I will do when I'm on my laptop.

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