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Constructive criticism please

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maidenislington Wed 03-Aug-16 11:39:27

Hi all.
I know you're really busy but I've got a favour to ask. When you get a moment, could you please just have a quick glance over my pages? It all needs a good going over but all my friends and family who've had a look are just giving me either compliments or unuseful criticism. I'd really appreciate some constructive criticism!
Many thanks in advance. Speak soon

Alisandro Mon 22-Aug-16 14:46:18

On my opinion, I would like to see more detailed photo(macro photo) of some items like this

In tweeter account: there are a lot of irrelevant retweets. It would be better may be to show something related with you good, who it made and etc

Collywobbles Tue 25-Oct-16 15:09:21

Hey MaidenIslington (fab name btw!)

my main feedback would be that you need to be much clearer on who it is you're trying to sell to. What type of person would like your jewellery? It all feels a bit impersonal - I don't get a sense of YOU - and I don't get a sense of what buying your stuff would say about me (if that makes sense!). You want your ideal customer to land on your pages and immediately think 'YES, this is SO me - it's like they know me'. Perhaps some images of your jewellery being worn by someone - so you're portraying a complete 'image'. It may put some people off if that isn't their image but it will mean your ideal customers are much more likely to stick around and buy smile

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